Friday, May 5, 2017

Starting on our first cruising adventure!

Yes, it's been about six weeks since I bought the boat. I have been back in Phoenix buying supplies and safety items to build a safety net for our shakedown cruise. There are still items coming in from and Tom (my boots on the ground in Yankeetown) is ticking things off his list. All new halyards, the outboard for the dinghy is running, the cables to the engine (shift and speed) are changed out, the engine starts and runs. These are good things.

The plan is for me to leave this Monday and drive to Florida (with Lola) via my sisters' in Austin, Tx; a property we have a loan on in Oxford, MS and our rental in Birmingham, AL to put eyes on them. Should be in Yankeetown by Thursday. Then I'm buying a new memory foam mattress at Wally World to cut to shape for more comfort and clean in the V-Berth. Will try to get mildew and cleaning accomplished before Kathleen arrives in Tampa about 5 pm on Saturday. Hopefully, the boat will be ready to catch the high tide out of the lagoon on Sunday morning (5:09 am) or 4 pm Sunday afternoon. Time and Tide wait for no man, Kathleen! We plan to hop down the coast to Tampa with our farthest south being Manatee River just south of Tampa Bay. There are three good harbors between Yankeetown and Manatee River. Thinking 1,3,5 down, extended stay in St. Pete harbor- museums, beach, swimming, bars, food (fish), food (shrimp), food (seafood). Sorry, I got distracted there. Then back starting on day 6 to Tarpon Springs, then Crystal River again and home to the dock on about Saturday, May 20. Pack up the boat and start driving north to NY Tuesday am.

Liz graduates on Saturday, May 27th! Yay, Baby Girl!! So proud, then she is going hiking on the Appalachian Trail with friends from Bard after Andy's wedding.

Andy and Sydney get married on June 2 in Brooklyn! Sisters Ginny and Marilyn are joining us at an AirBNB in Brooklyn for the wedding! Kathleen catches a jet out of Newark Sunday, June 4 and I start the road trip home! I hope to stop and see Falling Water in western PA on the drive back, but other than that- ??

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